The pinwheel serves as the national symbol for child abuse prevention. It represents the healthy, happy childhood we want for every child.  

The pinwheel – an uplifting symbol of childhood – represents our efforts to ensure the healthy development of children, while recognizing that child development is a building block for community and economic development. When children don’t have equal opportunities for growth and development, we put the future of our society at risk.  A focus on innovative programming that lays the foundation for children’s safety, growth and development reduces the possibility of more serious problems occurring later.  

When we invest in healthy child development, we are investing in  community and economic development. 

The pinwheel is our primary vehicle for conveying that prevention works!  It is not used to represent children who have been abused or who have died as a result of abuse or neglect.  The Blue Ribbon – a signature national symbol which was launched  in Virginia-  is still used to represent children who have been harmed.