Please be advised this class is currently offered in English only, and we cannot accommodate speakers of other languages.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is For Kids’ Sake?

A 4 hour parent education seminar that teaches parents how to nurture their children through the transition of divorce, separation, or break-ups.

Even the most caring parents find it difficult to focus on their children’s needs during a family crisis such as separation or divorce. Many parents simply do not have the necessary skills to help their children with the resulting change and loss. The Conflict Resolution Center’s For Kids’ Sake seminar puts parents in touch with their children’s needs and provides parents with the knowledge and skills to safely nurture their children through the transition.

The overwhelming majority of parents who have participated in this seminar feel that it is a supportive and worthwhile experience. The four-hour seminar provides valuable, educational information related the parent/child relationship. It is not a counseling session or a time to deal with personal or legal issues, but a chance to learn the skills parents need to help their children through a very difficult time.

What will be covered?

The seminar will focus on issues such as:

  • Understanding the effects of divorce and separation on children
  • Gaining insight into children’s perceptions of separation
  • Talking to your children about the transition
  • Avoiding placing children in the middle of parents’ issues
  • Maintaining a meaningful relationship with your children
Who May Attend?

Any interested parent or professional is invited to attend. Parents involved in a divorce, separation, or those who have filed with a court to establish or change a custody or visitation arrangement may be required to attend.

Will I Receive a Certificate of completion?

In order to receive a certificate of completion, participants must attend the entire 4 hour seminar. No exceptions.

Where are the classes held?

Saturday Classes:
Jefferson Center, Training Theater
First Floor
541 Luck Ave
Roanoke, VA 24016

Tuesday Classes:
Jefferson Center, Junior League Board Room
Third Floor, Suite 317
541 Luck Ave
Roanoke, VA 24016


For Kids’ Sake Parenting Class Schedule

Upcoming Classes
Saturday, December 16, 2017 (9am – 1pm)
Saturday, January 20, 2018 (9am – 1pm)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 (1:00pm to 5:00 pm) *Special class for qualifying participants only*


Who qualifies?

Participants who have an annual income of under $40,000, or who have an open case with the Division of Child Support Enforcement, can register for a separately scheduled seminar. Participants in this seminar are not required to pay the $40 class registration fee.

ONLY those who have an open DCSE case or have an annual income of under $40,000 qualify for this scheduled class. You must provide your seven digit DCSE case number in order to verify your eligibility. This number begins with several zeros, and is NOT a court case number (which would begin with JA).

Registration Information


  • If you have been ordered to attend this class by a court, you must register and pay within 10 days of the order. You must then complete the class within 90 days of the date of the order.
  • Your place in the class is not held until payment has been received.*
  • Payments must be made by cash, money order, debit card, or credit card ONLY. No checks will be accepted.
  • The CRC will reschedule classes if the 4 participant minimum is not met.

Please click here to complete the online registration form.

You may also register in the office, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you would like an application mailed to you, please call the number below. Mailed applications should be returned back with a money order for the class fee to:

Conflict Resolution Center
541 Luck Avenue, Suite 308
Roanoke, VA 24016

*If you are the non-custodial parent or you have an open DCSE (Division of Child Support Enforcement) case, do not proceed with payment for the class until you have been contacted by CRC staff.

If you need any additional assistance or have further questions, please contact us at (540) 342-2063 ext 25, or email

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