The world changed with the advent of COVID-19, but for Children’s Trust one thing did not change:

CHILD ABUSE did not stop and neither did we.

All of our programs continued to provide services for children and families in need. Isolation and stress cause problems for our constituency. It has became harder to identify cases and incidences of abuse were more severe.

As CASA Director Katie vanPatten says, “We had more referrals then ever since COVID and were surprised, given that children were coming in less contact with mandated reporters and can only assume that, with school now in session, we will see another increase in referrals.”



Children’s Trust is grateful for the financial support given to help us with our mission to prevent and reduce the occurrence and trauma of child abuse and neglect. The need for funding continues during this unprecedented pandemic as stressors increase cases of child abuse, please consider making a gift through our secure web-site

The COVID-19 Stimulus Package / CARES Act allows additional tax deductions for donors– Up to $300 per taxpayer ($600 for a married couple) in annual charitable contributions.

On The Horizon

Save Jane rescheduled for April 2, 2021.

Elmwood Park Amphitheatre will be the site for a public reading of all children who were reported as abused in our service region in FY19/20. The victims will be identified as Jane or John Doe with their ages and jurisdictions. We expect to be reading out the names for over 16 hours.

Children First

Children First offers prevention classes to children in schools (Speak Up Be Safe™) and training for adults who work with children (Stewards of Children™).

In FY 2019/20:

2740 children received Speak Up Be Safe™ training

245 adults participated in Stewards of Children™ training

Healthy Families

Healthy Families connects new parents with a variety of services, including – for the most overburdened families – a free-of-charge home visitor who supports the family before the child is born until the child enters school.

IN FY 2019/20:

58 families received home visits.

46 children served.

457 home visits were conducted

Children’s Advocacy Centers

Children’s Advocacy Centers are child-friendly facilities designed to reduce the trauma children often endure during the investigation and prosecution of abuse.

In FY 2019/20:

420 children and their families received MDT interview services and referrals for therapy, victim advocacy and case management.

CASA Court Appointed Special Advocates

The CASA program trains and supervises volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children, ensuring they have a safe, permanent home.

IN FY 2019/20:

399 children received assistance from CASA volunteers

50 CASA volunteers served children. The value of their service, if paid, would be over $170,000.