Become A Volunteer
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Conflict Resolution Center (CRC). It is the policy of the CRC to recruit, train and select volunteer mediators utilizing objective criteria based on CRC core concepts and program needs and consistent with The Supreme Court of Virginia Guidelines for the Training and Certification of Court-Referred Mediators. Every effort is made to recruit and train volunteer mediators who reflect the linguistic, socio-economic and other demographic diversity of the communities served. All volunteer selection decisions are made on the basis of qualifications and program needs without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

Our Volunteer Philosophy
The Conflict Resolution Center is dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality mediation and facilitation services to help residents of our service areas successfully manage conflict and enhance their resolution skills. We value the contribution of time and personal and professional skills our volunteers bring to the program and we are committed to providing them with the mediation skills training and support necessary to make their contribution a worthwhile and rewarding experience. In return, we ask volunteers to make a commitment to the program by contributing a minimum of 12 hours per quarter to assist in mediating conflicts, promoting the understanding and use of mediation in the community, or training and mentoring of new mediators. Volunteers are expected to comply with all program guidelines, policies, procedures and standards of mediation practice as well as participate actively in a variety of projects and activities including volunteer recruitment and selection, community education and outreach, training, program evaluation and development.

For more information on how to become a volunteer, please contact:
Chrys Bason, Mediation Specialist
540-342-2063 extension 24

We greatly appreciate your talents. Thank you so much for considering donating your time and energy to us!

Student Internships
The Conflict Resolution Center extends internship opportunities to highly motivated students who are interested in learning about conflict resolution processes and non-profit organizations. Students are supervised by experienced professionals and are afforded opportunities to work with mediation and Restorative Justice clients, the court system and other local organizations, CRC staff and Board of Directors and our diverse group of professional volunteers.

For more information about interning with CRC, please contact Chrys Bason, Mediation Specialist at (540) 342-2063 x24 or by Email.

Click here to see CRC’s internship application.


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