“The Roanoke Valley Trauma Informed Community Network (TICN) was born in early 2020 from a partnership of five organizations, guided by The National Council of Behavioral Health, who committed to transforming how they serve their communities and take care of their staff. By understanding the impact & prevalence of trauma, and adverse childhood childhood events (ACEs), we can build understanding, compassion, and resiliency across all sectors.  The Roanoke Valley TICN is anchored by Children’s Trust, which has committed to be the backbone agency, and now includes 20+ organizations across commitees and roles. Our mission is to continue to provide resources, learning-collaboratives, education, and support to organizations and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of the human condition.  
First Learning Cohort: 
  • United Way
  • Family Service of Roanoke Valley
  • Roanoke County Dept of Social Services
  • Blue Ridge Behavioral Health 
  • Children’s Trust 
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