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Executive Director Janice Dinkins-Davidson Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 19 janice.davidson@roact.org Operations Coordinator  Nancy Fralin Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 17 nancy.fralin@roact.org Education Facilitator Donna Hopkins Britt Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 13 donna.britt@roact.org Children’s Advocacy Director / Forensic Interviewer Christina Rouse, MSW Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 10 christina.rouse@roact.org Forensic Interviewer Shawna Franklin Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 15 shawna.franklin@roact.org Family Advocate Coordinator Beth Eisenzimmer Phone 540-344-3579 ext. 18 beth.eisenzimmer@roact.org Family Advocate Maria Huffman Phone 540-344-3579 ext. 23 maria.huffman@roact.org CASA Program Director Judi Jacobsen Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 11 judi.jacobsen@roact.org CASA Program Supervisor Holly Peters Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 22 holly.peters@roact.org CASA Outreach Coordinator Kristin Tadlock Bell Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 14 kristin.tadlockbell@roact.org CRC Coordinator Chrys Bason Phone 540-342-2063 ext. 24 chrys.bason@roact.org For Kids Sake Coordinator Rachel Hensley Phone: 540-342-2063 ext. 25 rachel.hensley@roact.org Fund-Raising Coordinator Teresa Carpentieri Phone: 540-344-3579 ext. 12 teresa.carpentieri@roact.org